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Take a moment to peruse the vendors that you’ll see at ConVivial! We have everything you need to accessorize your life! And we have candy. (Did I mention we have candy?)

Hours for the Vendor Room:
Friday, January12:4pm – 9pm
Saturday, January 13:10am – 6pm
Sunday, January 14:10am – 2pm

Welcome our Vendors!

  • Atypically Creative – Creator of unique jewelry (chainmail and scale mail-based), keychains, hats, headbands, buttons, pins, stickers, and more!
  • Amethyst Reiki & The Center for Metaphysical Learning – Amy D’Angelo is a Reiki Master, Metaphysical Instructor and Spiritual Coach. Aside from readings, she is also doing a pendulum workshop, the basics of practicing magic, and mediumship basics.
  • Beef Jerky Guy – hand-made polymer clay jewelry and figurines of real animals, fantasy creatures, and a variety of fandoms! Did someone say Doctor Who? Studio Ghibli, Legend of Zelda? And some glow in the dark? Yes please!
  • Celebrations By Starr – Hand-crafted crocheted gifts and accessories. They take commissions!
  • Chaos Publications – Books! What kind of books, you ask? We have sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, romance and horror. But not just that! We also carry fun mugs and scented candles.
  • Conquest Publishing – Artwork for our upcoming MMO, RPG, and comics
  • CosyCat – Things you didn’t realize you needed! Custom corkboards, wall art, pins, charms, and other handmade novelties to accessorize your life.
  • Found Lost Time – An eclectic mix of unique goods: handmade purses, jewelry, and crafts ranging from wax seal stickers, pins, puzzle cubes, resin work, bookmarks, art prints, and tea strainers.
  • Frayed Knot – Don’t forget to stop by and get a massage from the magic hands of Doc. A Reiki master, her calming presence is just the beginning of your relaxation.
  • GB MacRae – Creator of worlds, dreamer of fantasy. GB is an author from upstate NY, and writes epic fantasy novels and short stories. One of her new releases, Avenzyre, is a young adult/new adult epic fantasy series driven by the voices in her head. There are also assorted short stories and a coloring book based on GB’s original sketches. GB is always ready to talk about writing and is ready to help aspiring writers in whatever way she can. Don’t be afraid to chat!
  • Magical Mysteries Fairy Hair – Fairy Hair! Shiny! Accent your beautiful hair with sparkling strands of Thai Silk with the Fairy Hair lady!
  • Prospective Press – We are an independent book publisher, but we have more than just books! Who loves geeky stickers, magnets, and art? We do! (We make those too!)
  • The Scribbling Lion – A collective of writing scribblers who enjoy immersing you in their books of fantasy, science fiction, non-fiction, and more! Come chat with us and let us introduce you to worlds you never knew you needed to visit.
  • Serenity Wellness – Robin is a Master Sound and Vibrational Sound healer and Meditation teacher. Offering Intuitive Henna which allows her to utilize her intuition and artistic abilities to create a design based on an individual’s energy.
  • Stabby Tabby – A fellow geek, Stabby Tabby is your go-to for piercing or jewelry changeouts. A licensed medical professional with decades in the medical profession, STabitha has turned to piercing. You can consult for jewelry designs, piercing plans, or just have her change out those daith piercings you can’t do yourself!
  • Starlit Games – Games!! Tabletop Roleplaying Game (Pythos) and RPG supplements.
  • Studio Arethusa – Not only the coolest giant squid creator (along with other stuffies and pillows), but she is also the pillow creator to the stars. And by stars, we mean Wil Wheaton. Yes, that’s right. Will loves her work. You will too.
  • Tangent Artists – It’s not a real trip through the vendor room without a stop by Tangent Artists. Creators of many things including “How Not To Die In The Woods Like an Idiot: A Ranger’s Instructional.” They also have art, custom commissions, and game aids. Woot!
  • Walt’s Cards – Don’t leave the vendor room without stopping by to see Dan at Walt’s Cards. Always having a recommendation for you, Walt’s carries almost everything: card games, board games, RPGs, and pretty much everything you need for the total gaming experience.
  • Wow Fudge – Need we say more? Some of the best fudge in the GALAXY. Seriously. Handmade gourmet fudge and Belgian chocolates. Stop by and say hi!
  • Zodieas Nic – Beautiful and fantastical artwork prints, keychains, stickers, acrylic pins, and sketchbooks. Stop by and step into another world.