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The ConVivial Chronicle
Blanket Fort Competition Rules
Get ready for a blanket fort showdown! 
Here are the guidelines for all you fort-building aficionados!

 Fortify your fort within the designated competition area of the hotel, avoiding any walkways or exits.
 No swiping hotel items! Bring your own sheets, blankets, and fort accessories from outside the hotel.
 It's a free-for-all for individuals or teams (maximum of 6 participants), but each fort will be judged as one entry.
 Accessorize to your heart's content with pillows, cushions, fairy lights, and decor - just make sure they're yours and not taken from the hotel rooms.
 Safety first! Ensure your fort is stable and secure, with absolutely no risk of collapse or injury to yourself or others.
 Clean up your own mess and take all materials with you. Donations are welcome to our charity. 
 Creativity, originality, structural integrity, theme, and overall aesthetic appeal will be judged to declare the winner.
 Show some respect for the hotel property and facilities. Any damage caused will be your responsibility.
 Bribes for the judges are welcome, but there are rules. Check out our website for more about bribes.
 Last but not least, play fair and be a good sport. Anyone not complying with the rules or exhibiting inappropriate behavior will be shown the door.
Limited number of entries
Apply today & Secure your spot!
February 28 - March 2, 2025         
Williamsburg, VA

I see you landed on the most sought-after event – the Ultimate Blanket Fort Competition World’s Championship! Spaces for this event ARE limited, so make sure to get your application in early. There is no cost to enter, but you must be a ConVivial badge holder to participate.

What are the constraints? Spill the tea!

You can’t use the hotel’s blankets, sheets, or pillows. We are fully BYOB- Bring Your Own Blanket. You can use sheets, blankets, pillows, lamps, fairy lights, stuffed animals, flags, Lincoln Logs, cardboard, or whatever you want to construct the fort. You must be able to fit two people (sitting on the floor) inside the fort, and it must be completed within the 45-minute time frame. We will block out the room prior to this event, and your space will be labeled. You will be given a space of approx 8′ by 8′. Teams will be given 45 minutes to construct their fort, space, and four chairs. You do not have to use the chairs, but if you do, they must remain within your allotted space.

Click here to enter the 2025 Ultimate Blanket Fort Competition Application