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Do you work for NASA and make rockets or research outer space? Maybe you have published a book or a web comic. Are you a cosplayer who cosplays as a hybrid Mortal Kombat Disney princess? Do you have your own podcast talking about all things geeky? Are you TikTok famous for your Geeky hilarity? Do you sideline as a musician in a nerd rock band? If you have any talents great or small that you think would be fun to share with the world, then we would love to have you join us!

Please fill out an application!

NOTE: The completion of this application does not guarantee that you’ll be a programming guest for Convivial; only an email from our programming staff accepting the application and your completed Guest Survey (sent with your acceptance) and contract will guarantee you a spot. We wish we could take all of you, but we can’t.

Requirements: We request that each guest complete a minimum of four (4) hours of programming. If accepted, you will be sent a survey in which we will gather more details to properly assign you (your arrival and departure, panel information, qualifications and preferences, etc).

Click here to fill out the 2025 Programming Guest Application