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What is ConVivial?

ConVivial is a convention designed by fans for fans. It’s an event meant to highlight geek enthusiasm for all things pop culture, from Science Fiction in all its forms to fan centric music to tabletop gaming and cosplay. All with an idea that we’re all here to have fun. In short, a weekend-long celebration with other geeks.

Why ConVivial?

When looking for a name for our gathering, we had a lot of interesting ideas come up, but the one that resonated the best with us came from some Thesaurus searching. We were looking for something to capture what we are trying to bring uniquely to the convention scene; that being a focus not on one or more specific areas of Fandom, but one of getting together to have fun.

[ kuhn-viv-ee-uhl ]SHOW IPA
See synonyms for: convivial / conviviality / convivially on
🎓 College Level
friendly; agreeable
a convivial atmosphere
fond of feasting, drinking, and merry company; jovial
of or befitting a feast; festive