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Dave Lee

Dave Lee is an artist at Hatton Cross Steampunk, and the owner of HCS Publishing, both located in Mathews Virginia.

He has been a featured artist, guest maker and guest author at exhibits, conventions, Comicons, festivals and art galleries throughout the US, Europe, UK and New Zealand. He is most recognized for his large armored costumes and Steampunk vehicles. A highlight for David has been to lead the Space Marine armor build for Brand Schovlar.

He is the producer of the Steampunk YouTube channel entitled “HCS Creates” and has played a supporting role and prop maker for the TV series (in production) “Paradox City” and the film “Secret Within The Sphere”.

He is the founder and owner of HCS Publishing, a non-profit publishing house dedicated to publishing high quality, great stories. He is the author of the novel “Country in Ruin:1865″, novella “The Tale of Harlesden Chessington” and several short stories in the HCS anthologies “Steam & Steel: Thirteen Riveting Tales” and “Shadows and Mist: Twelve Terrifying Tales”.

David is a contributing “DIY” author for many publications and has been featured in numerous books about Steampunk fashion and costuming.