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Are you a fan group? Do you host a fan-run convention? Maybe you’re an under-water basket weaving group, or a roller derby group? Come join the fun at ConVivial!

You’re probably wondering what it costs to have a fan table at the coolest Williamsburg convention in January at the Clarion Hotel? WELL. Have we got a deal for you! They are FREE! That’s right- we will let you have your space at no charge! What’s the catch? You need to purchase your weekend membership. Only one? Yes, we require you purchase at LEAST one weekend membership. You can purchase more if you like! We encourage you to bring a friend!

There’s a few other things you should know about our Fan Table Area. This will be located in the back of the area where we are hosting the stage with the main entertainment. Which means, you will have people in or around your fan table the majority of the time. This room will be locked when not in use.

What are the hours of the fan tables? We will stay with the same hours that the Vendor Room is open: Friday 4-9, Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 10-2. You can stay at your table longer if you like!

What’s the process for acquiring a fan table, you ask? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Just fill out this form HERE, and we will review the application. If you are accepted, a staff member will email you the acceptance and you will get an invoice for your badge(s) requested. Keep in mind- space is limited, and we have already have a lot of interest so we cannot guarantee filling out our form will get you a table. Also- we want to make sure that we keep our groups family-friendly!

It should be noted that there are certain groups that we will reject for this space. That would be something like: publishing houses (you are promoting your writers and selling books, you should apply to the vendor room), or a multi-level marketing group (we want to promote independent groups, indie groups, and emerging cosplayers).

We love having: other conventions, cosplayers, daleks, clingons, the 501st, the 105th, or any other geeky group!