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Author Guest of Honor

Keith R.A. DeCandido has written novels, short fiction, and comic books in more than thirty licensed universes from Alien to Zorro, including TV shows (Star Trek, Doctor Who, Supernatural), movies (Cars, Kung Fu Panda, Serenity), games (World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Dungeons & Dragons), and comic books (Spider-Man, Thor, the X-Men). He’s also written bunches of work in milieus of his own creation, including fantastical police procedurals in the fictional cities of Cliff’s End (Dragon Precinct and its sequels) and Super City (the novel The Case of the Claw and a mess of short fiction) and urban fantasy in the somewhat real locales of New York (the Bram Gold Adventures) and Key West (the tales of Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet). And he’s been writing pop-culture commentary for web sites, magazines, and essay collections since 1989. 

His recent and upcoming work includes Phoenix Precinct, the latest novel in his fantasy/police procedure series; the Star Trek role-playing game adventure Incident at Kraav III (with Fred Love); Feat of Clay, Book 2 of the Bram Gold Adventures; the Resident Evil comic book miniseries Infinite Darkness: The Beginning, a prequel to the Netflix animated series; the urban fantasy short story collection Ragnarok and a Hard Place: More Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet; and stories in the magazines Star Trek Explorer and Weird Tales and in the anthologies Sherlock Holmes: Cases by Candlelight Volume 2, Joe Ledger: Unbreakable, Three Time Travelers Walk Into…, Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2022, Zorro’s Exploits, The Four ???? of the Apocalypse (which he also co-edited with Wrenn Simms), and Double Trouble: An Anthology of Two-Fisted Team-Ups (which he also co-edited with Jonathan Maberry). He writes regularly about pop culture for the award-winning webzine, for his Patreon (, for collections published by Sequart, Becky Books, and Crazy 8 Press, and for the Outside In, Subterranean Blue Grotto, and Gold Archives series. 

Keith is also a fourth-degree black belt in karate (he not only trains regularly, but also teaches to both kids and adults), a professional musician (currently percussionist for parody band Boogie Knights), and a professional editor of more than 25 years’ standing (though he usually does it sitting down). Find out less at his mediocre web site at