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Hiphopmcdougal is the brainchild of Julian Biggs and Charlie Hodgson. They decided to take their shared love of Video Games, B-Movies, Weezer, and Pizza, mix it all up, then rap and sing over everything from classic hip hop beats to mariachi music. Over the last 10 years they have released three full length albums, four EPs, and numerous singles. In that time they have also played many shows throughout the MD/VA/DC area. 

Their latest release, HOWLERS, is a soundtrack/score to a fictional 80s horror movie. The duo released a music video for the title track, HOWLERS, which is inspired by some of their favorite films of the period and is filled with more werewolves than you can shake a stick at! HOWLERS can be streamed on Spotify and Bandcamp with the rest of the their catalog. The HOWLERS music video can be found on the band’s YouTube page. 

They are thrilled to be part of ConVivial and can’t wait to see you at one or both of their live performances! 

Howlers video :


Bandcamp :

Pack for the past video :

Rhyme travelers video :