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Richard Siebigteroth

Rick has been acting on stage since he was five years old when he appeared as an elf in a Christmas pageant. Rick took his love of acting and science fiction and joined the now defunct ‘Doctors In The House’. When that group folded, he and his wife Cindy formed Luna-C Productions. Rick is the director, one of the scriptwriters, and plays several roles in Luna-C in addition to producing, directing and acting in a number of their amateur movie and staged productions. He is also the driving force behind Old Dominion Daleks, and Loki Gators Con-Quest. In competition Rick and Family has won costuming and presentation awards or been part of seven Best in Shows and multiple Best Presentation/ Most Humorous awards. Costumes: The Sixth Doctor (Doctor Who), Londo Mollari: 3 versions (Babylon 5), Hagrid (Harry Potter), Death (Terry Pratchett’s Discworld), Captain Taggert (Galaxy Quest) Worf (Star Trek TNG), Daleks (Doctor Who), Ewok (Star Wars) Prop recreation: Liberator Gun (Blakes 7), Farnsworth both standard and Claudia’s (Warehouse 13) Proton Packs (Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters Answer The Call) Daleks(three different Versions, working on a fourth)