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The Boogie Knights

What started with an a cappella performance during the Shore Leave masquerade in 1982 has polymorphed (ahem) into a popular parody band that has entertained audiences at conventions, events, and the occasional RenFaire for more than four decades now. They’ve also added guitar, percussion, and kazoos (yes, really). The Knights have parodied golden oldies, TV themes, pop music, even rap. They’ve polymorphed their mother and fireballed their dad and told the tales of dragons, flagons, and pagans, irate pirates, distressing damsels, and knights in not-so-shiny armor. Occasionally, they even throw in some history and literature just to see if you’re paying attention. (Luckily, there is no quiz at the end.) They’ve produced seven CDs, the most recent of which are Wasted Days and Wasted Knights and The 7th Voyage of Sing-bad. In 2007, they were recognized for their service to fandom with the very first Volker/McChesney Award. The Pros and Cons podcast, devoted to science fiction conventions, refers to the Knights as a “venerable Maryland filk juggernaut.”

            The lineup includes Theodoric of York, Medieval Disc Jockey (David Keefer), Sir John of Denver (John Scheeler), Lady Dionne of Warwick (Sharon “Smap” Palmer), Alice the Cooper’s Daughter (Kate Pakaski), the Lady Pinque (Linda Swann), Krad the Obscure (ConVivial’s GoH, Keith R.A. DeCandido), and Mad Donna (Lynn Cunningham).