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Yes There will be Gaming at ConVivial! Listed below are just a few of the scheduled games.

Gaming Schedule

Friday January 12th

Saturday January 13th

Sunday January 14th

Ready Set Bet, Lords of Vegas, Letters from White Chapel

R.S.B is an active betting game, Lords is using money to build Casinos, Letters is a Hidden Movement game based on Jack the Ripper. *I can teach any game that I have previous knowledge of really*

Charles Clark

DI3901 – ‘ParentHoods’

A Project: Crusaders Game: When a well-known villain reaches out to you for help, the heroes find themselves caught between a modern day Fagin and the next generation of supervillains. Can the heroes prevent tragedy?

Mark Geary

CRU0406 – Saturday Morning Zombies

A Project: Crusaders Game The 15th Anniversary of a Mid-Atlantic classic! Summoned by beings oddly familiar to your childhood, you and your fellow heroes must contend with the worst sort of apocalypse, where the enemy is hungry and the legions are growing. Get ready for Saturday Morning Zombies!

Mark Geary

Gaslights and Grimoires: The Black Blade

A Gaslights and Grimoires game Set in the early 20th century of an alternate world of steampunk and pulp, Gaslights and Grimoires is pulp adventure in the Edwardian Age! To whom it may concern; The events of the tragic death of Arthur Gordon have been of grave concern and I would wish to speak with you as quickly as possible. Your names have been provided to me by a mutual associate – I fear that Gordon’s death is just the first in a serious of events. Please meet me at your earliest convenience. Dr. J Watson, esq.

Mark Geary

Battletech: The Grinder

All materials will be provided. This scenario is designed to appeal to all levels of skill but targeted to the interests of the inexperienced. The focus of the Grinder is to have fun, kill mechs and also to be killed. Winning is not important nor is trying to be the best. What is important is the enjoyment that is expressed by the players. This event runs until at least midnight. Walk ups are welcome from start to finish.

Chuck Stocky

Battetech: Breakthrough on Terra

During the Wolf Clan’s invasion of Terra, Alaric had an ace in the hole in his battle against Clan Jade Falcon. The Wolf’s Dragoons had been clandestinely moving into position to flank the Falcons and bring the battle of Terra to a close. While the initial landings and engagements went well. many of the Dragoons had been split from friendly forces and had to run a gauntlet of Jade Falcons to regroup with the main body of the Wolf touman and achieve victory.

Chuck Stocky

Battletech: Mercenary Showdown- Higlanders vs Gray Death

In this game we pit the Northwind Highlanders command lance against the Gray Death Legion heavy battle lance in a fight to find out which merc unit will come out on top.

Chuck Stocky

X-Wing Miniatures: The Battle of Yavin

With the Death Star quickly approaching the secret base on Yavin IV, Rebel pilots launched an attack on the imperial battle station in a desperate bid to save the Rebelion. Harried by laser fire from the Death Star’s towers and pursued by Imperial pilots led by Darth Vader Himself, the Rebels’ target is an exhaust port only two meters wide.

Chuck Stocky